Seahawks miss out on history

if we run it
then we win it
oh doggone it

I wrote those words shortly after the Seahawks failed to punch the ball into the end zone at the end of Super Bowl 49. (The Roman numerals are just stupid. That’s not nice, I know, but I’m not wrong.) The team I root for had a chance to win the NFL title and what they needed was to score from about the one-yard line with time running out.

(It just occurred to me that Commissioner Goodell could gain a measure of public goodwill if he would just make the change from Roman numeral to Arabic numeral designations for the Super Bowl. He could use a healthy measure of goodwill – it’s been a rough few months for him. He should do this.)

As you know, the winning touchdown did not occur. A Russell Wilson pass intended for Ricardo Lockette instead wound up in the hands of the Patriots’ Malcolm Butler which sealed a title for New England. Bleh.

(Here’s another thing: It’s hard to remember who won the championship in what year because the football season straddles the New Year, so if you ask about the champ of 1987, does it mean for the season that ran from September to December in 1987, or does it mean the Super Bowl played in 1987, which would be for the champ of the season which ran from September to December of 1986? And the numbering system is no help. It’s Roman numerals! Meanwhile, I can tell you the Mets won the World Series in ‘86 and the Twins won in ‘87. FIX THIS, GOODELL!)

The Seahawks have one of the very best running backs in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch, and it is widely held that the smart play would have been to hand him the ball a couple of times and pound it in. It is hard to imagine this approach failing. But even if it were to fail, that failure would be easier to stomach than an interception in the middle of the defense when the intended target is the third or fourth best receiver on the team. Bleh.

But more than losing a particular game, what bothers me is that an opportunity was lost. In the Super Bowl era, seven teams have won back-to-back championships. No team has won 3 in a row. The Seahawks, my favorite team, missed the chance to join the Packers, Dolphins, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos, and Patriots as the only teams with this accomplishment. This would have put them on the short list of remarkable champions.

But they aren’t on that list.

And it is hard to see, from here anyway, when that chance would come around again.



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