Kathy Day, 2015

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” (Psalm 16:6 ESV)

This verse describes the psalmist’s satisfaction with the Lord and with his provision. According to the notes in the ESV Study Bible:

“The terms portion, lot, lines, and inheritance evoke the allocation of the land (of Israel) into family plots: the song promotes contentment with the arrangements of one’s life, seeing them as providentially ordered.”

I don’t know that I always saw my life as providentially ordered by God’s hand, but I am glad to affirm it these days. I have nothing to gain by believing that I am the one that got me where I am. No, praise God, He is in charge.

And so, when I consider how things went for me in terms of marriage, I am glad to say, “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.” Certainly over the years of my youth, I had ideas about how this all might unfold for me. But I could never have made my life as pleasant as it has been, had I had my way.

For these 30-plus years, it has been Kathy who has made my life pleasant. Her love, patience, wisdom, grace, kindness, compassion, and generosity has not only made life pleasant, but these have made me a better person. Made me someone I would never have been without her.

I’ve said all this in order to tell my lovely bride “Happy Birthday”, but I am the one who received a gift when she was born. That’s a pretty corny line, I guess, but I’m not wrong. The lines have, most certainly, fallen to me in pleasant places.

Happy Birthday, Kathy Ann!


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