Worst Thanksgiving dish I ever had

I don’t particularly remember any “worst” Thanksgiving dishes. But then, I am a picky eater and typically confine myself to things I like – turkey, stuffing, potatoes, bread, green beans. These are pretty basic and usually don’t get messed up. Oh, a turkey can get dry and potatoes can be lumpy and some weirdo could get the dumb idea to throw nuts into a stuffing, but really, I can count on a decent Thanksgiving meal because I’m picky.

For dessert, chocolate cream pie. I do not want any fruit pie – fruit is not dessert and besides, I just don’t like the texture of cooked fruit in the pie. Pecan pie? No nuts, please. And just what in the world is mincemeat? Don’t know and don’t care. I guess pumpkin is the popular choice for Thanksgiving, but it’s just not that good. If there is no chocolate cream pie, I’ll just have another buttery dinner roll, thanks.

One year the family gathering featured a red velvet cake. A red velvet cake that had something wrong with it. It had flecks of something about the size of sesame seeds in it. To this day I do not know what the alien bits were. I have looked at red velvet cake recipes to try and determine what was in the cake and I can’t figure it out. It was almost like gristle and there were dozens of these things throughout. It wasn’t hard, but it resisted the bite a little. I’m not sure what is was but, as you can guess, I’ve been off red velvet cake ever since.


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