Washington’s birthday

Happy Birthday to the indispensable man, the first president, George Washington.


Mike’s ecclectic jukebox

Billy Joel is near the top of the list for me and “New York State of Mind” is just about my favorite, so . . .

This is several years old but it remains a favorite. Especially dig the look of joy on the kid’s face when he starts playing. You can almost hear the voice in his head, “I’m playing piano for Billy Joel . . .”

Sorry about the video quality.


I saw my wife in a whole new way today and I think that is a good thing.

Her brother came to town for the weekend and we met him for lunch today. It was a good visit, good to catch up on him and his family. He has a child beginning to narrow down choices for college and it doesn’t seem possible that those many years have flown in that young life. Our son and daughter-in-law joined in and it was, altogether, an enjoyable time.

Afterward, on the sidewalk, the visit was winding down and I watched my wife and her brother talk the way siblings do, with understanding passed between them that went beyond the spoken words, and I was glad for her. She has few childhood memories that she can easily call upon. She has even wondered at times if there was some dramatic experience that keeps her from remembering.

But then there are days like today when, prompted by someone close to her who was also there, the memories, the connections all line up in their proper places.

Today I saw her as a sister who loves, and is loved by, her brother. Because of distance, both physical and relational, she rarely is a part of that. But today she was and it was fun to watch.

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