Nice Mrs. Nace

I am reminded of Mrs. Nace, whose last name was very nearly ‘nice’, and she certainly was.

I am reminded of her because it is time for churches to be hosting Vacation Bible School now that school is out. Our church, for example, is currently having VBS. Mrs. Nace was a faithful worker in my home church during Bible School while I was growing up.

And, as I said, she was nice. I am sure she was nice to everybody, but she was especially nice to me. Mrs. Nace always reserved a plate of chocolate chip cookies for when my class was in the refreshment line. She had observed in times past that I would refuse other cookies that I didn’t like. Cookies with nuts, or raisins, or coconut. Bleh. She could not fathom a child not wanting any cookie, but there I was, mildly taking only a cup of kool-aid and leaving the offensive cookies behind.

It was more than she could bear.

So, when the ladies were organizing the donated cookies for our snack time, Mrs. Nace always made sure some chocolate chip (or peanut butter) cookies were available when it was my class’s turn for snacks. As a child I never knew she did this, I found out later from my mom. But it touches me that this woman took an interest in me and cared about my cookie consumption.

Would that that kind of kindness be evident in my life. May God grant it.