Far above jewels

Here’s a little something that I did recently for my lovely bride.

We have now been married 35 years
What can I say about that?
She must be a real jewel
Proverbs 31 tells of a woman whose worth is far above jewels
What does that mean?
Does it mean that, as age and gravity and illness creep in,
her loving efforts intensify?
Does it mean that, though she was never frivolous,
she steadfastly wants all her activities to count?
As she sees decline in others, she is vigilant to guard her marriage against wear and tear that life deals out
It means these things, at least
The clock is ticking
With the energy and inexperience of youth, life and love flow
Now, they need a push
And she pushes mightily
Because she loves deeply
Her love forbears greatly
A marriage of 35 years is a lovely jewel that adds to her beauty
An honor she richly deserves 

I love her more than ever

June 9 2019